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Recent papers on perception and neurodynamics

The following papers, available on my web (see below), may be of interest
to the list:

1. Wang D.L. (2000): On connectedness: a solution based on
oscillatory correlation. Neural Computation, vol. 12,
pp. 131-139.

    It describes a solution to the long-standing Minsky-Papert
    connectedness problem.

2. Wang D.L. (1999): Relaxation oscillators and networks. In Webster J.
(ed.), Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
Wiley & Sons, vol. 18, pp. 396-405.

    A tutorial article on oscillatory dynamics and its applications to
    auditory and visual scene analysis.

3. Wang D.L. and Brown G.J. (1999): Separation of speech from interfering
sounds based on oscillatory correlation. IEEE Transactions on Neural
Networks, vol. 10, 684-697.

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