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Re: Simultaneous Auditory Masking

Although it may be more than what you are looking for, there is a recent
publication in the JAES describing an auditory model for measuring the
perceived quality of wide band audio. The method is recommended by the
International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for this purpose. The reference

Thiede T., Treurniet W., Bitto R., Schmidmer C., Sporer T., Beerends J.,
Colomes C., Keyhl M., Stoll G., Brandenburg K., and Feiten, B. (1999).
PEAQ - the ITU standard for objective measurement of perceived audio
quality, J. Audio Eng. Soc. 48, 3-29, 2000 (Jan/Feb).

Additional details of the model may be found in the ITU Recommendation 1387,
"Method for objective measurement of perceived audio quality".

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From: flatmax <flatmax@CSE.UNSW.EDU.AU>
Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2000 12:49 AM
Subject: Simultaneous Auditory Masking

> Hello,
> I was wondering wether anyone has implemented the masking methods
> specified in :
> "A Model for the Prediction of Thresholds, Loudness, and Partial
> Loudness", Moore B.C.J., Glasberg B.R. and Baer T.,
> Journal of the Audio Engineering Society,
> vol. 45, no. 4, April 1997, pp.224-40.
> Also has anyone implemented any other methods of masking ?
> thanks
> Matt