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Software data bases of musical themes

In a previous message Paul von Hippel states that "The paper by van
Egmond and Butler in the latest Music Perception relies on data scanned from
the textual notation at the back of Barlow and Morgenstern." The Music
Perception article does not rely, however, on these data: it presents a
theoretical outline for the application of pitch-class set theory in tonal

At the latest meeting of the Society of Music Theory and the American
Musicological Society, we gave a computer presentation composed of the Music
Perception article, which also contained an analysis of the Barlow and
Morgenstern themes (using the theoretical constructs developed in that Music
Perception article).  Presently, we are preparing a manuscript on this topic.

Rene Van Egmond (NICI, University of Nijmegen)
David Butler (Ohio State University)