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Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

        Postdoctoral Research Position in Speech Perception

   A 2-year postdoctoral research fellowship is available in the Speech
Perception Laboratory, Department of Psychology, University of Texas at
Austin,to begin no later than December 1, 1997.  Work will include studies
of speech identification and discrimination, auditory scene analysis,
computational modeling of auditory processing of speech, and speech
acoustics.  For more information, please contact Randy Diehl via email
(diehl@psy.utexas.edu), phone (512) 475-7595, or regular mail (Department
of Psychology, 330 Mezes, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX 78712)

Randy L. Diehl
Psychology Dept.
330 Mezes
University of Texas
Austin TX 78712

(512)471-6175 FAX