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Email problems at Boys Town

        The auditory list seems like a good way to notify many people of my
recent discovery that we have not been getting email from the outside at Boys
Town since Fri., June 20.  Installation of a new firewall apparently altered
our domain server name in some way and we have yet to solve the problem.

        If you have been trying to reach me or anyone else at boystown.org,
please keep trying.  We have no intention (as far as I know) of changing our
name or anything else about our email addresses.

        I will send out another note when we are back on line, which hopefully
will be later today.  Meanwhile, for JASA reviews, etc., you can fax to
(402) 498-6351.  I apologize for the confusion, particularly to those of you
that we asked to send us something (like a JASA review) that we were unable to
receive.  While I am on that topic, I might note that Bob Shannon is replacing
me as Associate Editor of JASA and will be accepting new manuscripts after July

Walt Jesteadt               INTERNET: jesteadt@BoysTown.ORG
Director of Research
Boys Town National Research Hospital
555 North 30th Street          PHONE:  (402) 498-6704
Omaha, NE 68131                  FAX:  (402) 498-6351