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Apologies for binary attaching by a dinosaurus

Dear List,

I didn't realize binary attaching a file I wrote at home and tried to attach
here at my office caused commotion. I apologize for my bad behaviour, but I
assure you my study at home, my laboratory, and my office are very clean. I was
flabbergasted myself to read the cryptograph. My message to the list and in
particular to Fatima Husain (about creating band-pass noises) has luckily been
converted by Dan Ellis, thanks Dan you did an elegant job, and can be found at


Dan also included my site but forgot to insert an underscore. The correct site:


but for the rest the deciphering work by Dan was flawless!!!
Sorry again to all of you,

Gert ten Hoopen
Leiden University (also old)
Section of Experimental & Theoretical Psychology
Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Leiden, the Netherlands