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child's play

Dear List
   Not to change the topic from all the exchanges about oscillating networks
and all, but here's a lighter question (perhaps), especially for you
modelling/AI types. Picture the following scenario: Junior sits in front of
the TV watching Sesame Street. A few days later, Daddy hums the Sesame St.
tune, and junior smilingly says "dat Big Bird song!" and proceeds to sing
along. Notwithstanding the fact that Dad is singing in a different key, much
faster, and with a voice timbre instead of instrumental, Junior has no trouble
recognizing and generating the tune. Now, this seems to me to indicate that
quite a sophisticated bit of pattern-recognition is going on in Junior's
brain, with no explicit instruction either.
   My question: am I correct in assuming that, in fact, this skill is at
present well beyond the abilities of any computer algorithm? Are there actual
computational systems out there that can accomplish what Junior does so
effortlessly? Any impressions you all may have about this would be much
  Thanks in advance

Robert Zatorre