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Research Associate Position

                  RESEARCH ASSOCIATE

Sensimetrics Corporation is seeking a responsible individual to coordinate
and conduct behavioral studies of sound localization ability by human
listeners. Responsibilities include recruiting subjects, scheduling and
performing tests, managing and analyzing experimental data, report
writing, and other tasks in support of the research project. Candidates
should have: 1) experience in human auditory testing from either a
psychoacoustics or audiology background; 2) facility with Windows for
PCs; 3) ability to interact easily with people. Additional skills in either
electronics, Matlab programming, or digital signal processing are highly
desirable. This is a temporary position, of between one and two years
duration. Interested parties should submit resumes, by mail or e-mail, to:

                          Dr. Patrick M. Zurek
                          Sensimetrics Corp.
                          26 Landsdowne St.
                          Cambridge, MA 02139
                          e-mail: pmz@sens.com