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On Fri, 21 Mar 1997, Linda A. Seltzer wrote:

> Please note that my request for bibliographic citations or Internet
> website URL's was specifically for articles on wavelet models of
> basilar membrane processing.   I was not seeking general bibliographic
> information on wavelets or a general list of references on hearing.
> Linda Seltzer

An article which might be interesting for you:
I. Pinter: Perceptual wavelet-representation of speech signals and its
application to speech enhancement, Computer Speech and Language, (1996) 10,
pp. 1-22

"...In this paper the so-called perceptual wavelet transform is introduced...
Although the proposed transform has been derived heuristically - namely,
to be optimal in the perceptual frequency scale in Gabor-sense and to
perform a 1 CB speech analysis - it appears that this is a
self-invertible, overcomplete, shiftable transform..."

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