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Re: PC-cards for Spectrum Analysis

>Dear all,
>Does anyone know about PC-cards (accompanied by their corresponding
>software) for performing (real-time?) spectrum analysis using a PC?  I
>am not sure that such a thing exists, and if it does, I don't know
>whether it has any clear advantange over B&K or HP real-time Spectrum
>Analyzers. Could any one give me some advice?  The idea is to use the
>spectrum analyzer for calibrating/measuring the sound output of the
>stimulus generation system in an auditory electrophysiology lab.
>Thanks in advance,

Kim Beeman has developed a package SIGNAL/RTS (stands for Real Time
Spectrogram) based on a PC which can probably be used for your purpose. You
can contact him directly for more details.

Kim Beeman
Engineering Design
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