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Periodic admin reminder

As a periodic reminder, the best address for administrative requests,
including subscription and unsubscription, is:


Currently, it just comes to me, but it is easy to change it to reflect
future list administrators.  However, feel free to write to me
directly if you prefer.

Other administrative details that might warrant repetition:

The biographical database as well as a partial archive of postings are
also available via ftp.  On the machine sound.media.mit.edu
( in anonymous ftp directory "pub/AUDITORY" are the files
"member-list" (528k), "postings-1993" (624k), "postings-1994" (794k)
and "postings-1995" (518k).  For security reasons, you cannot list the
directory, however, you can `get' the files.

I am also developing a World-Wide Web home-page for the list.  It
currently has searchable archives of past postings as well as a few
other links.  The page is at http://sound.media.mit.edu/~dpwe/AUDITORY/ .

Thanks for all your contributions and I hope the list continues to be
a useful resource to the community.

-- DAn Ellis  <dpwe@media.mit.edu>
   MIT Media Lab Perceptual Computing - Machine Listening Group.