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Re: DAT-PC hookup

At 2:39 PM 9/20/95, Mark A Pitt wrote:
>Has anyone interfaced a DAT player with a PC to transfer digital
>recordings directly to hard disk?

This issue was recently discussed on the comp.sys.sgi.audio newsgroup.

I'm pretty sure that only SGI sells DAT drives that can be interfaced to a
computer using normal computer buses.  They got special firmware from the
manufacturer to allow this.  SGI's DAT sits on a SCSI bus.

Alternatively, Digidesign sells a card for the Macintosh (everbody's
favorite PC :-) that lets you load DAT data into the MAC via the AES/EBU
digital bus.

-- Malcolm
P.S.  In a related issue, all the recent Apple CDROM drives let you read
audio data directly off the CD (via the SCSI bus).  I don't know if this is
true for other manufacturers.