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Auditory/Speech Workshop

Dear List -

Steve Greenberg <steveng@icsi.berkeley.edu> sent me the following
announcement for your information.



            European Speech Communication Association
                Tutorial and Research Workshop on

             "The Auditory Basis of Speech Perception"
                 Keele University, United Kingdom
                     July 15 - July 19, 1996

   The objective of this ESCA advanced research workshop is to
foster intensive, inter-disciplinary discussion of key issues
pertaining to the auditory mechanisms underlying the perception
of  speech and to create an intellectually vibrant international
meeting to encourage new directions in speech perception and
recognition research.

   Although speech is the primary behavioral medium by which
humans communicate with each other, its auditory basis is poorly
understood. This scientific lacuna has had profound implications
for efforts focused on ameliorating the behavioral consequences of
hearing impairment and developing robust algorithms for computer
speech recognition.

   Traditionally, speech research has focused on articulatory and
cognitive components, with comparatively little attention paid to
the auditory basis of perception. As answers to age-old, central
issues have eluded speech scientists working under the traditional
paradigms there has been increasing interest in the auditory basis
of speech.

   Most sessions will consist of structured discussion and debate
pertaining to a specific set of issues and focused on a keynote
address by a distinguished scientist. In each discussion session a
panel of discussants will be challenged by a group of
"inquisitors" on specific issues of central significance to speech
perception research. These panels will include scientists with
diverse backgrounds (physiology, anatomy, psychoacoustics,
clinical research, electrical engineering, computer science,
psychology, phonetics). In addition, there will be poster sessions
and a computer demonstration laboratory in order to provide a
forum for visualization and discussion of recent research and
computer simulations

Workshop Themes
* Overview of the Workshop's Key Themes -
  Anatomy,  Physiology, Speech Perception,
  Clinical Aspects, Speech Technology, Neuroethology
* Auditory Representations of Speech
* Perceptual Cues for Speech
* Auditory Scene Analysis for Speech Processing
* Speech Processing under Adverse Acoustic Conditions
* Speech Perception by the Hearing Impaired
* Auditory Processing for Speech Recognition

The contributions to the workshop will be published in a
conference proceedings, which will be available to all participants
at the time of the workshop.

In addition, a volume in the Springer Handbook of Auditory
Research series, entitled "Speech Processing in the Auditory
System," is being prepared. A preliminary draft will be available
at the workshop and participants will be invited to comment on
this material.

Workshop Site
The workshop will be held at the University of Keele
(Staffordshire, UK) located near the M6 motorway and the Stoke-on-
Trent and Crewe railway stations. The nearest airport is at

Who May Attend
In order to foster meaningful discussion the number of
participants at this workshop will be limited. Preference will be
given to those who will contribute to the workshop as presenters
or discussants.

Registration Fees
The fee for the workshop, including proceedings and full
accommodation (including meals) for five nights is 400 British
Pounds. The fee for students, providing proof of their full-time
status, is 300 British pounds. ESCA members receive a 20-pound
reduction in the registration fee. These rates apply before April 1,
1996. Registration after this date will cost an additional
50 pounds.

Up-to-date Information
Further information about the workshop will be available (as of
October 15, 1995) from: http://trill.berkeley.edu/Keele

Important Dates
November 15:
Preliminary registration and deadline for submission
of title and abstract

February 15:
Notification of acceptance, instructions for  authors,
accommodation information

May 1:
Deadline for submission of 4-page camera-ready paper

June 1:
Preliminary program and travel information sent out

July 15-July 19:

European Speech Communication Association (ESCA)
ESCA is a non-profit organization for promoting Speech
Communication Science and Technology in a European context.
Further information: esca@icp.grenet.fr

International Scientific Committee
W. A. Ainsworth (UK), H. Bourlard (Belgium), R. Carre (France),
S. Greenberg (USA), S. Shamma (USA)

Organizing Committee
Professor Bill Ainsworth (Keele University)
Professor Ted Evans (Keele University)
Dr. Steven Greenberg (ICSI, UC-Berkeley)
Dr. Carole Hackney (Keele University)
Dr. Georg Meyer (Keele University)

Workshop Secretariat
For all correspondence concerning the workshop please use the
following address:

ESCA Workshop
Department of Communication and Neuroscience
Keele University
Staffordshire ST5 5BG
United Kingdom

Phone: 44 1 782 583055
Fax:   44 1 782 583055
Email: cob03@keele.ac.uk


                   Preliminary Registration
               Submission of title and abstract

Name ____________________________________  Title: _______________

Affiliation: ____________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________


Phone:   _________________________ Fax: _________________________

Email:   ________________________________________________________

I would like to participate in the research workshop as a

[ ]  regular participant
[ ]  student
[ ]  I am a member of ESCA. Membership # ________________________

[ ]  I would like to present a poster on the following topic:


An abstract of 400 words (maximum) is included (please provide
three copies), plus a list of recent publications and a brief
summary of current research.

Signature: ________________________________  Date: ______________

Please complete this form and mail, fax or email to:
ESCA Workshop, Dept. of Communication and Neuroscience
Keele University, Keele, Staffordshire ST5 5BG, United Kingdom
Fax: 44 1 782 583055, Email: cob03@keele.ac.uk

Deadline for receipt of applications is November 15, 1995.

[Please accept our apologies if you have received multiple copies
of this announcement]