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Re: Pitch Memory


You wrote:

>Regarding the pitch memory process... (snip) ...
>Also, people tend to do a lot of things
>easily (math, swimming,...) until they get the idea that they are
>supposed to be hard. Pitch memory is just one of these things.

A personal anecdote: many, many years ago, I sang one of the principal
roles in a G&S operetta; a modest production, only a piano accompaniment; I
was fourteen.

One of the ditty's required a key-pitch prompt before my big solo.  During
the opening night performance, I didn't wait for the prompt and launched
into the song.  To the accompanist's amazement, I was in perfect pitch -
the piano and chorus joined in without a bump.

After the show, the accompanist spoke a great deal of my 'talent.' I recall
being unimpressed with myself, simply because we had rehearsed the piece so
many times. Why wouldn't I remember the correct pitch?

Ah...blissful youth.


Don Hill