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heart response to music

Terry Olesen writes:
> I again ask all you music researchers a question that I and my physician
> friend are trying to fathom.  What physiological effects (including RSQ
> wave responses, perfusion of blood) does music exert on the heart?

The following are some recent studies that you might want to look at:

Mockel, M. "Immediate Physiological Responses of Healthy Volunteers to
Different Types of Music - Cardiovascular, Hormonal, and Mental Changes,"
June, Vol. 68 No. 6, pp. 451-459.

Mockel, M. "Stress Reduction Through Listening to Music - Effects on
Stress Hormones, Hemodynamics and Psychological State in Patients with
Arterial Hypertension and in Healthy Subjects," DEUTSCHE MEDIZINISCHE
WOCHENSCHRIFT, 1994, May, Vol. 120 No. 21, pp. 745-752.

Vanderark, S.D. "University Biology and Music Majors Emotional Ratings of
Musical Stimuli and their Physiological Correlates of Heart Rate, Ringer
Temperature, and Blood Pressure," PERCEPTION AND MOTOR SKILLS, 1994, Vol.
79, No. 3/Pt. 1, pp. 1391-1397.

Lorsch, C.A. "Effect of Stimulative and Sedative Music on Systolic Blood
Pressure, Heart Rate, and Respiratory Rate in Premature Infancts," JOURNAL
OF MUSIC THERAPY, 1994, Vol. 31, No. 2, pp. 105-118.

- Jim