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Synthesiser/PowerSynthesiser 0.86

Dear Synthesiser/PowerSynthesiser User,

The latest distribution of the Synthesiser and PowerSynthesiser
applications, libraries and documentation will shortly be available from
any of the following URL's:


Contained in this latest distribution are:

  Synthesiser version 0.86
  SynthDriverLib version 0.805
  PowerSynthesiser version 0.86
  PowerSynthLib version 0.802
  Synthesiser User Manual (Word 6.0 format)

If you have any problems with this distribution then please e-mail me at:



Paul Russell
Dept Experimental Psychology
University of Sussex

| Paul Russell               http://www.biols.susx.ac.uk/Home/Paul_Russell |
| Experimental Psychology                 email:  P.T.Russell@sussex.ac.uk |
| Sussex University, Falmer                         phone: +44 1273 678639 |
| Brighton BN1 9QG, England                          fax:  +44 1273 678611 |