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Short term research fellowships at Sheffield

University of Sheffield, UK
Department of Computer Science


This department intends to offer a number of short term research fellowships
over the summer to distinguished scholars with areas of interest close to those
of a member of one of our research groups. The stipend would be about US$4000
(2500 pounds) including fares to Sheffield etc. Those interested can consult the
department's WWW pages.

The department's four research groups are as follows:

Formal Methods and Software Engineering

Telematics, Formal Specification, Verification and Testing, Object-Oriented
Languages and Design, Proof Theory.

Parallel Processing

Parallel Database Machines, Parallel CASE Tools, Safety-Critical systems.

Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks

Natural Language Processing (including corpus and lexically based methods,
information extraction and pragmatics), Neural Networks, Computer Graphics,
Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Robotics, Computer Argumentation.

Speech and Hearing

Auditory Scene Analysis, Models of Auditory Perception, Automatic Speech

More details can also be obtained from world-wide-web address

Enquires and applications should be made through a member of the department
known to the applicant or to the Director of Research:
Professor Yorick Wilks, email yorick@dcs.sheffield.ac.uk