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an announcement from kamada

From:   SMTP%"Tsutomu.Kamada@DEN.hines.hokudai.ac.jp" 12-APR-1995 08:53:15.00
Subj:   Content of Symposium

Dear Auditory Researchers !

Invitation to
IBRO Satellite Symposium
"Processing in Auditory and Language Cortex: Katsuki Memorial"

     We are going to hold a symposium in July 6-7, 1995 in Sapporo.
That is the satellite symposium to IBRO congress held in Kyoto on July
9-14.  We sincerely welcome your coming and participation.
     The proceeding publication would be prepared after the symposium.

Date:  July 6-7, 1995
Place: Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan
Tentative Schedule of the satellite symposium
 $B!!!!!! (JJuly 6, Thursday
        Registration                         ( 8:00 -  9:00)
        Openning Remarks                     ( 9:00 -  9:10)
        Symposium                            ( 9:20 - 12:00)
 $B!!!!!!!!!!!! (J(Drs. Bullock, Brugge, H.E.Heffner, M.Raggio)
        Symposium                            (13:00 - 14:40)
            (Drs. Rauschecker, Irvine)
        Postersession                        (14:40 - 16:10)
        Symposium                            (16:10 - 18:50)
            (Drs. Hari, Schreiner, Ehret, Larson)
        Reception                            (19:00 - 21:00)
      July 7, Friday
        Symposium                            ( 8:30 - 11:10)
            (Drs. Suga, R.Heffner, Taniguchi, Jen) $B!! (J
        Postersession                        (11:10 - 12:00)
        Symposium                            (13:00 - 15:40)
            (Drs. Kaga, Shepherd, Langner, Scheich)
        Postersession                        (16:00 - 18:00)
        Closing Remarks

Suggested Topics of the Symposium
      1. The central processing of auditory information.
      2. Functional organization of cerebral cortex.
      3. Cerebral mechanism of speech.
      4. Cerebral plasticity and oro-vocal communication.
      5. Cerebral mechanism of sound localization.
      6. Auditory processing of cochlear implant stimulation.
      7. The specificity and the universality in central
         auditory mechanisms.
      8. Cortico-subcortical interactions in auditory mechanisms.
      9. Preadaptations for speech in mammalian brain.
     10. Voco-auditory mechanisms in brain.

Invited Speakers and their titles.
1.   Dr. T.H. Bullock (UCSD, USA) : (Title not decided)
2.   Dr. N. Suga (Washington Univ, USA):
3.   Dr. H. Scheich (IfN, Germany): (Title not decided)
4,5. Dr. H.E. Heffner and R. Heffner(Univ Toledo, USA):
     Two titles out of the followings are suggested by author.
      1. "The role of auditory cortex in the perception of
          vocal communications by Japanese macaques"
      2. "The comparative study of sound localization in
          mammals and its anatomical correlates"
      3. "The role of auditory cortex in sound localization"
6.   Dr. P. Rauschecker (NIH, USA): (Title not decided)
7.   Dr. D.R.F. Irvine (Monash Univ, Australia):(Title not decided)
8.  Dr. R. Hari (Helsinki Univ Technol, Finland):
      "Human auditory cortical functions: Neuromagnetic
9.   Dr. C. Schreiner (UCSF, USA):
      (The author suggestedto talk on "Aspects of temporal
        processing in cat primary auditory cortex".) $B!!!! (J
10.  Dr. M. Raggio (UCSF, USA):
      (Her coworker suggested to talk on
      "The representation of electrical cochlear stimulation
       on the functional organization of cat primary
       auditory cortex."
11.  Dr. G. Ehret (Univ Ulm, Gemany): "Preadaptations for speech
       perception in the mammalina brain"
12.  Dr. CR. Larson (Nothwestern Univ, USA): (Title not decided)
13. $B!! (JDr. I. Taniguchi (Tokyo Med Dent Univ, Japan):(Title not decided)
14.  Dr. P.H.-S. Jen (Univ Missouri, USA): "Cytoarchitecture and
       sound activated responses in the auditory cortex of
       the big brown bat, Eptesicus fuscus"
15.  Dr. K. Kaga (Tokyo Univ, Japan): "Auditory agnosia and
       binaural hearing"
16.  Dr. D.D. Shepherd (Univ Melbou_rne, Australia):(Title not decided)
17. Dr. G. Langner (Darmstadt Tech Univ, Gemany):
    "The topographic representation of pitch andfrequency
      in the human auditory cortex"
18.  Dr. J.F. Brugge (Univ Wisconsin, USA):(Title not decided)

Registration Fee: Normal participant 25,000 yen
 $B!!!! (JStudent $B!! (J15,000 yen
 $B!!!!!! (JBanquet 10,000 yen

Tentative Deadline: April 20, 1995

Correspondence for Registration:
 $B!!!!!! (JTsutomu Kamada, Department of Oral Physiology, Hokkaido
Univ.,       School of Dentistry, Sapporo 060, Japan       Telephone (Japan
81)-11-706-4230 : Fax (Japan 81)-11-706-4919
      e-mail: kamada@den.hines.hokudai.ac.jp

Bank Account for Remittance:
      Account Name:   Kazuo Kameda
      Account Number: 3058620 $B!! (J
      Hokkaido Takushoku Bank, Sapporoeki Kitaguchi Shiten

Organizing Committee:
      Representative: Kazuo Kameda (Hokkaido University, Japan)
      Henning Scheich (Federal Institute of Neurobiology, Germany)
      Nobuo Suga (Washington University, USA)
      Guenter Ehret (University of Ulm, Germany)
      Gerald Langner (Darmstadt Technical University, Germany)
      Philip H. -S. Jen (University of Missouri, USA)
      Christoph Schreiner (UCSF, USA)
      Ikuo Taniguchi (Tokyo Medical Dental University, Japan)
      Junsei Horikawa (Tokyo Medical Dental University, Japan)
      Tsutomu Kamada (Hokkaido University, Japan)

Registration Form



Telephone number: Office                 Home              FAX

Poster presentation: Yes, No
Accompanying person(s)
#1 Name                    #2 Name

Registration Fees:             Amounts
1. Normal participant       (          )    yen
2. Student                  (          )    yen
3. Banquet                  (          )    yen

                 Total      (          )    yen

Remittance: Please indicate method of payment
( ) I enclose a band draft payable to: Kazuo Kameda
( ) I have remitted the sum of (        ) (yen) by bank transfer
    through my bank (         ) to the account shown above.
( ) I wish to pay by Credit Card: ( )Visa   ( )MasterCard
    Card No: (             )  Expire Date: (            )
    Card Holder: (                          )
    Signature: (                  )  Date: (            )


                     (Tsutomu Kamada is responsible for this