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High Frequency Hearing - 2

Dear All

I have had quite a number of responses to my question
yesterday about the limits of high-frequency hearing.

Some of you have misunderstood my purpose for which I

The purpose behind my question is to be sure that we are
aware of any reasonable evidence in the literature, to
which we can point, that allows us to be sure we engineered
an audio channel - not for the average aging listener (that
exists aleady) but so we can be clear that all listeners
can, if they wish, receive all the sounds they can hear.

The idea is to actually try to determine what is needed so
it is beyond dispute without resorting to over-engineering
or anecdotal targets (which for example would be my opinion
about the 96kHz sampling used by Pioneer).

I will post a consolidated digest of the response in a few

Thank you all very much.

Bob Stuart: Meridian Audio, Cambridge, England