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Re: Ref for Toshio Irino's Auditory model sound resynthesis

Dr. Thierry Rochebois wrote:
  | I am interested in any information about this method:

Our short paper on the IEEE Transaction is a reduced version of our
'original' one. The IEEE officials claimed that the accepted version was
too long for the correspondence. We had no choice other than reducing
several subsections. I will send you the 'originally accepted' version.

The title is the same:
IRINO Toshio and KAWAHARA Hideki:
"Signal Reconstruction from Modified Auditory Wavelet Transform,"
Technical report: ISRL-93-2, 19 July 93, NTT Basic Research Labs.

Wavelet auditory model was also proposed by Christophe d'Alessandro
although I did not know his work when I wrote the paper.

Christophe d'Alessandro:
"Auditory-based wavelet representation"
in Visual Representations of Speech Signal" Edited by M. Coook, S. Beet,
and M. Crawford, John Wiley & Sons Ltd., Chichester, 1993.


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