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Re: Toshio Irino's Auditory model sound resynthesis

>Also, I've heard that Quatieri/MIT have patent(s) on some part(s) of
>the method.

I have heard too. I only use this method for research purposes and I
don't mean to distribute any piece of software at the moment.
Anyway, I will have to work on transients and noisy sounds this
will certainly lead to important modification of this algorithm:
I use it as a starting point.

Thanks for your reference.

The basis for my thesis is JM Grey's work on timbral space:
I want to define a physical counterpart to Grey's perceptual timbral

To do so, I will use statistic tools on analysis.

That's why I need a good analysis method (i.e. as good as our auditory

I have also heard about an Wavelet Auditory Model made in Japan
by a Toshio Irino...

I think that such a model is what I need.

The problem is that I don't have enough information on this topic
(just a short IEEE transaction paper).

Thanks for your interest,

Thierry Rochebois, Doctorant
IEF Bat 220
91405 ORSAY Cidex

WWW:  http://maury.ief-paris-sud.fr:8001/~thierry/welcome.html