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Auditory model sound resynthesis

I am working on a way to synthesis musical sounds
from a set of spectral analysis.

I use a MacAuley-Quatieri-like method i.e. interpolating
a windowed FFT and peak tracking.

This method is quite good for harmonic sounds.
But it is not accurate enough (i.e. it is not as accurate
as our auditory system) for transients and/or noisy sounds(cymbals
for example).

I think that a wavelet method would be a solution. I have
heard about an Auditory Modified Wavelet once but I don't
exactly remember where.

I am interested in any information about this topic.

Thierry Rochebois, Doctorant
IEF Bat 220
91405 ORSAY Cidex

WWW:  http://maury.ief-paris-sud.fr:8001/~thierry/welcome.html