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call for papers

                                  March 9, 1995
Dear Colleagues,

     I have been asked to write an article on the topic of music
performance for a chapter in the Annual Review of Psychology (volume 48)
and I am writing you to request copies of any published work you have on
this topic. Especially relevant are papers in press but not yet in
print. This article is intended to be a selective, not comprehensive,
review, due to page limits; nonetheless, I hope to solicit papers
from various psychological, music-theoretic, and psycho-
musicological viewpoints on the topic of music performance and its
     Please send any relevant papers to me at the address given
below by September, 1995, and keep me apprised of any new work if
possible. Please also pass on this request to your colleagues in
the field. Thank you for your help; I will try to distribute the
results of this project when it is completed.


                                   Caroline Palmer
                                   Psychology Dept.
                                   Ohio State University
                                   1885 Neil Ave.
                                   Columbus, OH 43210  U.S.A.