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        Here's the call for papers for NIPS 95, and the call for
proposals for the post-NIPS workshops.

                                                --john lazzaro

                         CALL FOR PAPERS

              Neural Information Processing Systems
                      Natural and Synthetic
            Monday, Nov. 27 - Saturday, Dec. 2, 1995
                        Denver, Colorado

This is the ninth meeting of an interdisciplinary conference which
brings together neuroscientists, engineers, computer  scientists,
cognitive  scientists,  physicists, and mathematicians interested
in all aspects of neural processing and computation.  The confer-
ence  will  include  invited talks, and oral and poster presenta-
tions of refereed papers.  There will be  no  parallel  sessions.
There  will  also  be one day of tutorial presentations (Nov. 27)
preceding the regular session, and two days of focused  workshops
will  follow  at  a nearby ski area (Dec. 1-2).  Major categories
for paper submission, with example subcategories, are as follows:

  Neuroscience: systems physiology, signal  and  noise  analysis,
  oscillations,  synchronization,  mechanisms  of  inhibition and
  neuromodulation, synaptic plasticity, computational models

  Theory:  computational  learning  theory,  complexity   theory,
  dynamical   systems,  statistical  mechanics,  probability  and
  statistics, approximation  and estimation theory

  Implementation: analog and digital VLSI,  novel  neuro-devices,
  neurocomputing systems, optical, simulation tools, parallelism

  Algorithms and  Architectures:  learning  algorithms,  decision
  trees  constructive/pruning  algorithms,  localized basis func-
  tions, recurrent networks,  genetic  algorithms,  combinatorial
  optimization, performance comparisons

  Visual Processing: image recognition,  coding  and  classifica-
  tion, stereopsis, motion detection and tracking, visual psycho-

  Speech, Handwriting and Signal Processing: speech  recognition,
  coding and synthesis, handwriting recognition, adaptive equali-
  zation, nonlinear noise removal, auditory scene analysis

  Applications: time-series prediction, medical diagnosis, finan-
  cial analysis, DNA/protein sequence analysis, music processing,
  expert systems, database mining

  Cognitive Science & AI: natural language,  human  learning  and
  memory, perception and psychophysics, symbolic reasoning

  Control, Navigation, and Planning: robotic motor control,  pro-
  cess  control,  navigation, path planning, exploration, dynamic
  programming, reinforcement learning

Review Criteria: All submitted papers will be thoroughly refereed
on  the  basis  of  technical quality, novelty, significance, and
clarity.  Submissions should contain new results  that  have  not
been  published previously.  Authors should not be dissuaded from
submitting recent work, as there will be an opportunity after the
meeting  to  revise  accepted manuscripts before submitting final
camera-ready copy.

Paper Format: Submitted papers  may  be  up  to  eight  pages  in
length, including figures and references.  The page limit will be
strictly enforced, and any submission exceeding eight pages  will
not  be considered.  Authors are encouraged (but not required) to
use the NIPS style files obtainable by anonymous FTP at the sites
given  below.   Papers must include physical and e-mail addresses
of  all  authors,  and  MUST  indicate  one  of  the  nine  major
categories listed above. Authors may also indicate a subcategory,
and their preference, if any, for oral  or  poster  presentation;
this  preference  will  play no role in paper acceptance.  Unless
otherwise indicated, correspondence will be sent to the first au-

Submission Instructions: Send six copies of submitted  papers  to
the  address  below;  electronic or FAX submission is not accept-
able.  Include one additional copy of the abstract  only,  to  be
used  for preparation of the abstracts booklet distributed at the
meeting.  Submissions mailed first-class from within  the  US  or
Canada, or sent from overseas via Federal Express/Airborne/DHL or
similar carrier must be POSTMARKED by May 20,  1995.   All  other
submissions must ARRIVE by this date. Mail submissions to:

        Michael Mozer
        NIPS*95 Program Chair
        Department of Computer Science
        University of Colorado
        Colorado Avenue and Regent Drive
        Boulder, CO  80309-0430 USA

Mail general inquiries/requests for registration material to:

        NIPS*95 Registration
        Dept. of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
        Colorado School of Mines
        Golden, CO 80401 USA

        FAX: (303) 273-3875
        e-mail: nips95@mines.colorado.edu

Sites for LaTex style files: Copies of "nips.tex" and "nips.sty" are
available via anonymous ftp at

        helper.systems.caltech.edu ( in /pub/nips,
        b.gp.cs.cmu.edu ( in /usr/dst/public/nips.

The style files and other conference information may also be retrieved
via World Wide Web at


NIPS*95 Organizing Committee: General Chair, David S.  Touretzky,
CMU;  Program  Chair,  Michael  Mozer,  U. Colorado; Publications
Chair, Michael Hasselmo, Harvard; Tutorial Chair, Jack Cowan,  U.
Chicago;  Workshops Chair, Michael Perrone, IBM; Publicity Chair,
David Cohn, MIT; Local Arrangements, Manavendra  Misra,  Colorado
School of Mines; Treasurer, John Lazzaro, Berkeley.


                          -please post-

                       CALL FOR PROPOSALS

                NIPS*95 Post Conference Workshops
                     December 1 and 2, 1995
                         Vail, Colorado

Following the regular program of the Neural Information Processing
Systems 1995 conference, workshops on current  topics  in  neural
information processing will be held on December 1 and 2, 1995, in
Vail, Colorado.  Proposals by qualified individuals interested in
chairing  one of these workshops are solicited.  Past topics have
included: active learning and control, architectural issues,  at-
tention,  bayesian analysis, benchmarking neural network applica-
tions, computational complexity issues,  computational  neurosci-
ence, fast training techniques, genetic algorithms, music, neural
network dynamics, optimization, recurrent nets, rules and connec-
tionist  models,  self-organization,  sensory biophysics, speech,
time series prediction, vision and audition, implementations, and

The goal of the workshops is to provide  an  informal  forum  for
researchers  to  discuss  important  issues  of current interest.
Sessions will meet in the morning and in the  afternoon  of  both
days,  with  free time in between for ongoing individual exchange
or outdoor activities.  Concrete open and/or controversial issues
are  encouraged and preferred as workshop topics.  Representation
of alternative viewpoints and panel-style discussions are partic-
ularly  encouraged.   Individuals  proposing  to chair a workshop
will have responsibilities including: 1) arranging short informal
presentations  by  experts working on the topic, 2) moderating or
leading the discussion and reporting its high  points,  findings,
and conclusions to the group during evening plenary sessions (the
"gong show"), and 3) writing a brief summary.

Submission Instructions: Interested parties should submit a short
proposal  for  a workshop of interest postmarked by May 20, 1995.
(Express mail is not necessary.  Submissions by  electronic  mail
will  also  be  accepted.)   Proposals  should include a title, a
description of what the workshop is to  address  and  accomplish,
the  proposed  length  of the workshop (one day or two days), and
the planned format.  It should motivate why the topic is  of  in-
terest  or controversial, why it should be discussed and what the
targeted group of participants is.  In addition,  please  send  a
brief  resume of the prospective workshop chair, a list of publi-
cations and evidence of scholarship in  the  field  of  interest.
Submissions  should include contact name, address, email address,
phone number and fax number if available. Mail proposals to:

                     Michael P. Perrone
                     NIPS*95 Workshops Chair
                     IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
                     P.O. Box 704
                     Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
                     (email: mpp@watson.ibm.com)


                          -Please Post-