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Bill Treurniet: probe microphones

Here's a message I was sent for the list. -- DAn.

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Date: Tue, 17 Jan 95 16:38:29 EST
From: bill@albert.dgbt.doc.ca (Bill Treurniet)
Subject: probe microphones


We are developing facilities for conducting binaural listening experiments,
and I could use some advice regarding where one might purchase probe
microphones for taking measurements in the ear canal.

I'm aware of Etymotic Research, but they require payment in advance, and that
is something my employer (the Canadian government) won't do. Purchasing the
same product via a Canadian dealer doubles the cost.

I noticed that some researchers use a Knowles microphone. Can anyone tell me
where these are made so I can shop around?  Information on other brand names
would also be appreciated, as would be opinions regarding the pros and cons
of different makes.

I will summarize to the list if I get enough information since
others in a similar situation might also appreciate the help.


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