ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 3aSA - Structural Acoustics

  1. 3aSA1 Free vibration of a rotating annular plate including the effect of
  2. 3aSA2 Mean flow effects on the vibroacoustic behavior of baffled plates
  3. 3aSA3 The role of acoustic coupling on the radiation from a vibrating
  4. 3aSA4 Acoustic radiation of a nonbaffled vibrating plate with arbitrary
  5. 3aSA5 Dispersive waves in fluid-loaded, multilayer, composite plates with
  6. 3aSA6 Spatial attenuation of bending waves in the infinite plates coupled
  7. 3aSA7 A new model for predicting the sound transmission properties of
  8. 3aSA8 An analytic model for the vibrations of rectangular shells of
  9. 3aSA9 Dispersion predictions for waves along a cylindrical shell immersed
  10. 3aSA10 Vibrations and acoustic radiation of a simply supported
  11. 3aSA11 Thin elastic spherical shells: the nonaxisymmetric motion.
  12. 3aSA12 Time-domain fluid--solid interaction and the proliferation of
  13. 3aSA13 Radiation and propagation properties of elastic waves on conical
  14. 3aSA14 Vibrations of core walls with connecting beams.