ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

3aSA14. Vibrations of core walls with connecting beams.

O. Sumer

G. Askar

M. C. Dokmeci

Civil Eng. Dept., Bogazici Univ., 80815, Bebek, Istanbul, Turkey

Vibrations of a singly symmetric core wall structure coupled with connecting beams is studied using Vlasov's theory. Due to the presence of connecting beams, shear transfer occurs between the open edges of the core wall. The connecting beams are modeled as a continuum media with equivalent stiffness property. The results include warping effects and shearing deformations in the plane of the wall. Formulations for displacements and rotations at the top of the structure are given [cf. O. Sumer and G. Askar, Thin-Walled Struct. 14, 193--208 (1992)]. Results are compared with those of open core walls without connecting beams. [Work supported by TUBITAK.]