ASA 125th Meeting Ottawa 1993 May

Papers in 2aSP - Speech Communications

  1. 2aSP1 An MRI study of the physiological mechanism of F0 lowering.
  2. 2aSP2 Nonlinearities in articulatory/acoustic relations and the evolution
  3. 2aSP3 The quasi-steady approximation, boundary-layer separation, and
  4. 2aSP4 Foreperiod effects on acoustic laryngeal reaction time.
  5. 2aSP5 In vivo measurement of laryngeal mucosal wave speed in humans.
  6. 2aSP6 Jaw velocity events as correlates for the control of quantity
  7. 2aSP7 Proposal of a wavelet model for vocalic speech coarticulation.
  8. 2aSP8 Inversion and control of an articulatory model of the vocal tract:
  9. 2aSP9 Syllable internal timing: Effects on vowel and consonant duration.
  10. 2aSP10 Effects of speaking rate and stress on vowel durations and formant
  11. 2aSP11 Context independence of F3 trajectories in American English /r/'s.
  12. 2aSP12 Effects of frequency scale on inter-age comparisons of first and
  13. 2aSP13 Resistance of bilabials /p, b/ to anticipatory labial and
  14. 2aSP14 The relation between age of L2 learning (AOL) and degree of
  15. 2aSP15 Rhythm and compression in Caribbean Spanish.
  16. 2aSP16 Articulatory and intonational correlates of French focus.
  17. 2aSP17 Effects of prosodic context on Taiwanese tones.
  18. 2aSP18 Interpreting complex articulations: The backward tongue movement
  19. 2aSP19 Phonetics of Jemez vowels.
  20. 2aSP20 Phonetic observations on tone and stress in Mandarin Chinese.
  21. 2aSP21 Preaspiration in Icelandic: Production and perception.
  22. 2aSP22 VOT values of voiceless and voiced stop contrasts in Hindi and
  23. 2aSP23 Segmental duration changes due to variations in stress, vowel,
  24. 2aSP24 Do women listen to men's voices with men's mouths in mind?
  25. 2aSP25 Let your synthesizer breathe.
  26. 2aSP26 Spectral shape cues for vowels that predict the perception of
  27. 2aSP27 Articulatory underspecification as a concept for controlling a
  28. 2aSP28 Modified Klatt synthesizer (VSS--KS) and analyzer (INTANAKL) for