ASA 124th Meeting New Orleans 1992 October

Papers in 1pEA - Engineering Acoustics

  1. 1pEA1 Choked jet edge tones, continued again: Scattering of evanescent
  2. 1pEA2 Observations on subsonic edge tones, continued.
  3. 1pEA3 Impingement tones of axisymmetric choked jets on small plates.
  4. 1pEA4 A mechanism of jet--edge interaction and sound radiation.
  5. 1pEA5 Performance of shaded hydrophones in the reduction of turbulent
  6. 1pEA6 Design and performance of a high-power, low-frequency sound source.
  7. 1pEA7 An improved-performance barrel-stave projector.
  8. 1pEA8 Environmentally controlled free-field towed array calibration
  9. 1pEA9 Automatic sound source detector.
  10. 1pEA10 Observation of an aircraft transit using a land-based acoustic
  11. 1pEA11 A multichannel digital system for use in calibrating towed arrays.
  12. 1pEA12 Analytical approach to vibration of a slotted beam.
  13. 1pEA13 Two degree of freedom model for prosthetic devices for the middle
  14. 1pEA14 The three-dimensional laser vibrometer.
  15. 1pEA15 An algorithm for synthesis of low-peak-factor periodic functions.