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Subject: Book "The Technololgy of Binaural Listening"
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Date:    Wed, 29 Jan 2014 20:00:10 +0100

Dear colleagues, our new book is now available in print. The book was written by authors from AABBA, an open grouping of about 50 scientist who work on the application of binaural models. Here is the table of contents: THE TECHNOLOGY OF BINAURAL LISTENING Jens Blauert (Ed.) Springer/ASA Press 2013 ISBN 978-3-642-37761-7 Chap1 An introduction to binaural processing A. Kohlrausch, J. Braasch, D. Kolossa and J. Blauert Chap2 The auditory modeling toolbox (AMT) P. Soendergaard and P. Majdak Chap3 Trends in acquisition of individual head-related transfer functions G. Enzner, C. Antweiler and S. Spors Chap4 Assessment of sagittal-plane sound-localization performance in spatial-audio applications R. Baumgartner, P. Majdak and B. Laback Chap5 Modeling horizontal localization of complex sounds in the impaired and aided impaired auditory system N. Le Goff, J. Buchholz and T. Dau Chap6 Binaural scene analysis with multi-dimensional statistical filters C. Spille, B. Meyer, M. Dietz and V. Hohmann Chap7 Extracting sound-source-distance information from binaural signals E. Georganti, T. May, S. van de Par and J. Mourjopoulos Chap8 A binaural model that analyses acoustic spaces and stereophonic reproduction systems by utilizing head rotations J. Braasch, S. Clapp, A. Pars, T. Pastore and N. Xiang Chap9 Binaural systems in robotics S. Argentieri, A. Portello, M. Bernard, P. Danès, and B. Gas Chap10 Binaural assessment of multi-channel reproduction H. Wierstorf, A. Raake and S. Spors Chap11 Optimization of binaural algorithms for maximum predicted speech intelligibility A. Schlesinger and C. Luther Chap12 Modeling sound localization with cochlear implants M. Nicoletti, C. Wirtz and W. Hemmert Chap13 Binaural assessment of parametrically coded spatial audio signals M. Takanen, O. Santala and V. Pulkki Chap14 Binaural dereverberation A. Tsilfidis, A. Westerman, J. Buchholz, E. Georganti, and J. Mourjopoulos Chap15 Binaural localization and detection of speakers in complex acoustic scenes T. May, S. van de Par and A. Kohlrausch Chap16 Predicting binaural speech intelligibility in architectural acoustics J. Culling, M. Lavandier and S. Jelfs Chap17 Employing binaural–proprioceptive interaction in human-machine interfaces M. Stamm and M. Altinsoy Chap18 Further challenges and the road ahead J. Blauert, D. Kolossa, K. Obermayer, and K. Adiloglu -- Jens BLAUERT, Dr.-Ing., Dr. Tech. h.c. Prof. (em.), Acoustics and EE, Ruhr-Universität Bochum Prof. (adj.), Architectural Acoustics, RPI, Troy NY Postal address: Institute of Communication Acoustics, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, D-44780 Bochum, Germany E-mail: jens.blauert@xxxxxxxx Internet: Phone: +49 234 322 2496 (office), ...3480 (direct) Fax: +49 234 321 4165 Home-office Phone: +49 234 382877

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