Re: Wireless Audio for Research (Jose Garcia )

Subject: Re: Wireless Audio for Research
From:    Jose Garcia  <J.Garcia@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Mon, 8 Dec 2014 12:34:01 +0100

Hey Tatsuya! if the receiver circuit is using a battery and of course it is using a DC ( power ) then not noise it will be there, at least since the power supply Jose On 08 Dec 2014, at 09:45, Tatsuya Hirahara <hirahara@xxxxxxxx> wrote: > Hi David, > > If your target is 2ch-audio stream, the use of a wireless headphone > system could be one choice. > > I had tested some wireless headphones a couple of years ago. They were > RS-220(details are unknown), RS-160 (Kleer), and PX360BT(Bluetooth). The > propagation signal delay was 21ms with RS-220, 46ms with RS-160, and > 61ms with PX360BT. (Wireless microphone system must have shorter > transmission delay than wireless headphones system.) > All the wireless headphones tested showed some additional noises when > they were powered ON. Although the noise levels were not so high, some > were audible. The origin of the noises is likely to be the power supply > circuit of the receiver unit. I've not confirmed it yet. > > With regard to RS-220, qualities of its wireless audio signal > transmission system were OK; frequency range was 20 kHz and flat, > electrical cross talks were small and harmonic distortions were low > enough. And it can handle analog and digital inputs. Unfortunately, > RS-220 is not available in the market nowadays. > > I took the RX-PCBs away from RS-220 body and reassembled them in a small > box to use it with any headphones. Then I have now wireless HDA200. I'm > not using it for psychoacoustical experiments though. > > Tatsuya Hirahara > > On Sun, 7 Dec 2014 01:13:05 +0000 > "Landsberger, David" <David.Landsberger@xxxxxxxx> wrote: > >> Hi All, >> >> I was wondering if anyone had thoughts about wireless audio connections >> for research. We are running our spectral resolution task (SMRT; >> on a small windows 8.1 tablet. It would be nice >> for the audio to be transferred wireless to the speakers. I am >> considered about degrading the signal quality. >> >> Any suggestions on how to do this without adding signal noise or lossy >> data compression? I understand bluetooth is not acceptable. What >> about using airplay, miracast, or chromecast? Has anyone had luck / >> experience with these technologies for wireless PC audio streaming of >> quality acceptable for psychoacoustic research? >> >> Thanks, >> David >> > > ------------------------------------- > 平原 達也 > 富山県立大学 工学部 知能デザイン工学科 > Phone 0766-56-7500 ext. 459 > e-mail hirahara@xxxxxxxx > URL: > -------------------------------------

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