Wireless Audio for Research ("Landsberger, David" )

Subject: Wireless Audio for Research
From:    "Landsberger, David"  <David.Landsberger@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Sun, 7 Dec 2014 01:13:05 +0000

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone had thoughts about wireless audio connections for research. We are running our spectral resolution task (SMRT; smrt.tigerspeech.com) on a small windows 8.1 tablet. It would be nice for the audio to be transferred wireless to the speakers. I am considered about degrading the signal quality. Any suggestions on how to do this without adding signal noise or lossy data compression? I understand bluetooth is not acceptable. What about using airplay, miracast, or chromecast? Has anyone had luck / experience with these technologies for wireless PC audio streaming of quality acceptable for psychoacoustic research? Thanks, David

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