Recommended software for simulating moving sound sources? (Lorenzo Picinali )

Subject: Recommended software for simulating moving sound sources?
From:    Lorenzo Picinali  <LPicinali@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Wed, 26 Nov 2014 09:33:12 +0000

Dear Daniel, I generally use CATT Acoustic ( for acoustic prediction and auralization. It has an on-board convolver for auralization with moving receiver, but I've never actually used that, as I've always preferred to compute from the CATT model the 3D impulse responses (e.g. 1st or 2nd order ambisonics) within a grid on the area where the receiver should be allowed to move, and then used a custom-made MaxMSP patch ( for convolving in real time audio signals (e.g. the engine noises in your case) with the impulse response, and panning between them in order to allow for receiver's movement. You can find some information about this approach in this book chapter written together with Brian FG Katz (have a look at the study presented in Section 6) This approach will allow you to have a very accurate acoustic reconstruction, sources directivity, import your own HRTF, etc...but it is a bit tricky to setup...but I'll be happy to give further advice and support, if needed! Lorenzo -- Dr. Lorenzo Picinali Head of Research Operations Senior Lecturer in Music/Audio Technology Faculty of Technology De Montfort University, The Gateway Leicester, LE1 9BH Room GH 6.62 (Gateway House) Tel 0116 207 8051 __

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