Papers - Directional characteristics of the ears. (Michael Vannier )

Subject: Papers - Directional characteristics of the ears.
From:    Michael Vannier  <michael.vannier@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Tue, 7 Oct 2014 15:12:03 +0200

Dear list, I am looking for the folowing three old papers about the directional characteristics of the ears that I never managed to obtain. - Schirmer, W. (1968). "Die Richtcharakteristik des Ohres". Hochfrequenztech. u. Elektroakustik. 72, pp 39-48. - Jahn, G. (1958) : "Über die Beziehung zwischen der Lautstärke und dem Schalldruck am Trommelfell". Hochfrequenztech. u. Elektoakustik. 67, pp 69-81. - Jahn, G. ans Vogelsang S. (1959) : "Die einohrige Richtcharaketristik des menschlichen Gehörs". Hochfrequenztech. u. Elektoakustik. 68, pp 50-56. I would be very glad if some of you could help me to get it. Thank you a lot for your help ! Best regards, Michaël Vannier -- ----------------------------------- Michaël Vannier Laboratoire Vibrations Acoustique - INSA Lyon Mail : michael.vannier@xxxxxxxx Tel : -----------------------------------

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