Re: Python from Matlab (Etienne Gaudrain )

Subject: Re: Python from Matlab
From:    Etienne Gaudrain  <e.p.c.gaudrain@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Sat, 23 Aug 2014 22:38:15 +0200

Hi Alain, The few times I had to do that, I actually programmed everything in Python using mlabwrap, and called the script with a system command from Matlab... Another option seem to be using JPython, the Java implementation of Python, which can be fully integrated in Matlab's Java interface, but I must admit I have no clue how (and I hear that not all libraries are implemented in JPython). Otherwise, it looks like someone wrote a client/server interface: Haven't tried it though. Good luck! -Etienne On 22/08/2014 23:30, Alain de Cheveigne wrote: > [To list members not interested in Matlab, etc.: apologies for the annoyance. The discussion is somewhat relevant to audition, in that modeling, experiment control, and data analysis increasingly rely on computers, and the choice of a high-quality computation environment is crucial.] > > Hi Jan, > > A client/server solution indeed sounds ideal. I don't know what it involves in terms of programming effort, but I'm sure that effort would be well spent. > > The ideal solution would be: > - simple to use, like calling "result=toPython('pythonFunction',arguments);" > - efficient, i.e. minimal overhead for data transfer, > - reliable, system-independent, and future-proof, > - secure. > > Several people mentioned calling Python via a shell command, passing values by file, etc. I'm concerned that these solutions might involve greater overhead, more complex syntax, possibly greater system dependencies, and possibly security issues. > > Alain > > > > On 22 Aug 2014, at 13:47, Jan Schnupp <jan.schnupp@xxxxxxxx> wrote: > >> Or you could >> python and matlab work together on some sort of client/server model. >> That would be more elegant - the matlab and python parts then wouldn't >> even have to be on the same machine, but the programming investment is >> very large. I don't know of any developments to make this sort of >> stuff easier that are even on the distant horizon. If other list >> members know of any I would be interested to hear about them. -- Etienne Gaudrain, PhD UMCG, Afdeling KNO, BB20 PO Box 30.001 9700 RB Groningen, NL Room P3.236 Phone +31 5036 13290 Skype egaudrain Note: emails to this address are limited to 10 MB. To send larger files, use

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