Audio Mostly 2014 conference (Mark Grimshaw )

Subject: Audio Mostly 2014 conference
From:    Mark Grimshaw  <grimshaw@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Sat, 18 Jan 2014 15:09:55 +0000

--_002_CF0057D1212AEgrimshawhumaaudk_ Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-ID: <FEB481F84BC16F459808EE06D0B85615@xxxxxxxx> Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Audio Mostly 2014 -- Call for papers Audio in all its forms holds tremendous potential for interaction design. Sound can engage, inform, convey narrative, dramatize, create attention, affection and adventure. However, the abilities to interact with computer systems through and with sound are still not sufficiently explored. The Audio Mostly Conference <> provides a venue to explore and promote the untapped potential of audio for interaction design by bringing together audio experts, content creators, interaction designers, behavioural researchers and others. The area of interest covers new interactive applications for sound that demand or allow for some kind of interactive response from the users/listeners. It can for example be in scenarios where screens and keyboards are unavailable, unsuitable or disturbing, but it can also be in contexts where sound in combination with other modalities form new and innovative interfaces between users and machines. The area implies cognitive research and psychology, design methodology and practice, as well as technological innovations in audio analysis, processing and rendering. The aim is to both describe and push the boundaries of sound-based interaction in various domains, such as industry, mobile applications, computer games, education, entertainment, safety and digital arts. The theme this year is =B3Imagining Sound and Music=B2 How does one design the sound of an imaginary creature and what is the relationship between the artist and the engineer when turning musical imagination into reality? Whether composing musical scores, creating fantastical sonic spaces, or creating monster sounds, the resultant interaction with such imaginary sonic artefacts plays no less a significant role than the realization of the aural imaginary. Topics of Interest: The Audio Mostly conference series is interested in sound interaction design in general, is strongly interdisciplinary, and provides a space for alternative creative approaches. Hence, prospective contributions are not limited to specific methodological approaches and papers dealing with the theme from either a philosophical or an empirical viewpoint are welcome along with those with a more mixed method. Contributions may address a number of sound- and music-based topics related to the theme that include, but are not limited to: =B7 shared and individual imagination =B7 user experience =B7 fantastical sounds and spaces =B7 creativity =B7 technology =B7 future interfaces for new experiences =B7 interaction =B7 sensory and perceptual modalities =B7 conceptualization =B7 drafting =B7 implementation Important Dates Deadline for paper submission =AD May 9, 2014 Notification of acceptance =AD June 20, 2014 Camera-ready paper submission =AD July 25 2014 Early registration deadline =AD September 1 2014 Conference =AD October 1-3 2014 Paper submission Researchers, composers, game developers, sound artists, audio engineers, etc. who are interested in sharing their results, perspectives and insight to a multidisciplinary audience are invited to submit electronically <> full papers. Poster papers are also allowed, providing a venue for researchers and practitioners to discuss their work-in-progress. =20 * Full papers: up to 6-8 pages, anonymised, in ACM Proceedings Format <> with up to 150 word abstract. =20 * Poster papers: submit a 2-6 page extended abstract or short paper prepared using ACM CHI Extended Abstracts format (Microsoft Word Template <> and LaTeX files <>). Online registration will be available in early 2014 on the Audio Mostly <>website. Conference Fees and payment: Registration before 1/Sept 2014 Standard Rate DKK 3,600 ACM Members or Committee members DKK 2,100 Student Rate DKK 2,100 Daily fee (AAU students/staff) DKK 150 Late registration after 1/Sept 2014 Standard Rate DKK4,500 ACM Members or Committee members DKK 3,500 Student Rate DKK 3,500 Daily fee (AAU students/staff) DKK 200 Conference fee includes: - Conference 2,5 days. - Poster and demo-session. - Proceedings. - Two lunches. - Coffee and tea during breaks. - One conference dinner. Daily fee includes: - Conference 1 day. - 1 Lunch. - Poster and demo-session. - Coffee and tea during breaks. Getting to Aalborg Aalborg is located in North Jutland on the Limfjord. It is the fourth largest city in Denmark but with a compact, well preserved centre that is ideal for walking. It is well served by several airlines, often direct from major European cities or via Copenhagen, and a taxi or the number 2 bus can take you from the airport into the city centre within 10-20 minutes. There is also a train service from Copenhagen to the Aalborg central station. Venue The conference will take place at Musikkens Hus <> and is hosted by the Music & Sound Knowledge Group <> in the Department of Communication and Psychology <> at Aalborg University <>. The Musikkens Hus is a purpose-built concert house opening early 2014 and home to both the university's and the conservatory's music activities as well as the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra. Built right on the fjord, it has four concert halls, Denmark's largest pipe organ, and state-of-the-art recording facilities. It is situated about 5 minutes walk from the many bars (outside in October) and restaurants of Aalborg's late mediaeval centre. Hotels Both the First Hotel < otshotel-Aalborg/?gclid=3DCKmah5bWxrsCFUNe3godnksAIw> and the Cabinn Hotel <> (the cheaper option) are about 5 minutes' walk from Musikkens Hus and are next to each other in the centre of town. --=20 Mark Grimshaw The Obel Professor of Music MaSK: WEB: TEL: (+45) 99 40 91 00 FAX: (+45) 98 15 45 94 POST: Aalborg Universitet Musik Nyhavnsgade 14 9000 Aalborg --_002_CF0057D1212AEgrimshawhumaaudk_ Content-Type: application/xml; name="default.xml" Content-Description: default.xml Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="default.xml"; size=3222; creation-date="Sat, 18 Jan 2014 15:09:55 GMT"; modification-date="Sat, 18 Jan 2014 15:09:55 GMT" Content-ID: <B8A28D203A8FFF4BAB675E7746D39F42@xxxxxxxx> Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 UEsDBBQABgAIAAAAIQCb6HBP/AAAABwCAAATAAAAW0NvbnRlbnRfVHlwZXNdLnhtbKyRy2rDMBBF 94X+g9C22HK6KKXYzqKPXR+L9AMGeWyL2CMhTULy9x07LpQSAoVuBNLMvffMqFwfxkHtMSbnqdKr vNAKyfrGUVfpz81Ldq9VYqAGBk9Y6SMmva6vr8rNMWBSoqZU6Z45PBiTbI8jpNwHJKm0Po7Aco2d 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