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Subject: Position open as Senior Technical Audiology Specialist at Widex, Denmark
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We are announcing a job opportunity as Senior Technical Audiology Specialist at the hearing-aid manufacturer Widex, Denmark. -- Widex is a Danish hearing-aid company with a long and proud tradition in development and manufacturing of high-quality hearing aids and effective audiological solutions. Widex is one of the world's largest manufacturers of hearing aids, with devices sold in more than 100 countries. We employ 3800 people worldwide - 800 of them in an international atmosphere at our CO2-neutral headquarters near Copenhagen, Denmark. We have a proud history of innovations within audiology, e.g., in digital technology, wireless technology, frequency transposition, in situ audiometry, tinnitus treatment and 3D printing of ear molds. Widex is continuously pursuing the best possible audiological solutions, and one of our goals is to provide the optimal fitting solution, considering amplification and features, for the individual hearing-aid user. We are currently in the search for a new colleague to join our "Hearing Loss Compensation" team within the Department of Electronics and Audiology, Global Development. This team is responsible for world class innovation and development of audiological features, fitting strategies and breakthrough audiological concepts. The team consists of audiologists and engineers in the fields of electrical engineering, acoustics and digital signal processing. About the job The goals of the Senior Technical Audiology Specialist are to innovate, improve and advance solutions and strategies for hearing-aid fitting, hearing-aid signal processing features and concepts related general audiological treatment. Examples of these activities are individualized fitting strategies, amplification rationales, invention and development of hearing-aid features. These aims should be pursued using knowledge and evidence-based approaches, considering recent scientific knowledge and know-how. The tasks cover areas of invention, proof-of-principle studies, experimental and theoretical evaluation of ideas, concepts and existing technology. At Widex there will be great opportunity to use state-of-art research and practice and help shape and define audiology of the future. There will also be significant involvement with researchers external to the headquarters via our external research sites (Stockholm and Chicago) as well as with a range of university researchers. In the end, the objective and motivation must be to improve the end-user benefit of audiological treatment. The results and solutions must be effectively communicated to internal and external international stakeholders in publications and at conferences. The job is a three-year commitment with the possibility for extension of the contract. About you You, as the candidate should preferably hold a PhD or equivalent degree within fields of Audiology or Engineering and have at least 5 years of post-doctoral experience. You should find your motivation in the opportunity to realize knowledge in to applied products and solutions. Research activity at a high international level must be documented with a record of scientific publications. We are looking for a motivated candidate with substantial experience with research and/or development within technical audiology (Hearing-instrument technology) and insight into clinical audiology, preferably with own clinical experience. A good candidate will possess insights about the demanded needs and expected benefits of the hearing-aid user and hearing-care professionals. Preferred additional skills could include experience with digital audio signal processing, acoustics, experimental design, audiological diagnostics and perceptual consequences of hearing impairment. Additional preferred personal attributes are creativity, motivation to help persons with the need of audiological treatment, self-dependency, sense of quality, good collaboration skills and a strong network in international academia. You are expected to be persistent in carrying out your tasks - without compromising on quality. We are a global company, and we therefore expect you to be fluent in written and spoken English. Widex has a bilingual working environment, with both Danish and English. About us We offer the possibility to grow within the organization, and an attractive workplace with skilled colleagues in an informal working environment, promoting independence and responsibility. We offer the opportunity to join a company with a clear growth strategy. You will be part of a high-performance team, with room to apply your talent and experience to influence short- and long-term concepts and products within advanced audiological solutions of Widex. Remuneration will be in accordance with your qualifications and experience. We will also support the need for relocation, family settlement and language training. We offer a highly advantageous pension scheme with health insurance, popular sports and arts clubs, and very good canteen facilities. The Widex headquarter is easily accessible by car or public transportation from the suburbs or from central Copenhagen. http://www.widex.com/en/aboutwidex/aboutwidex/ourheadquarters/ Copenhagen in the capital if Denmark, and offers an attractive international environment, including an international airport and educational institutions. The opportunities to experience history, culture, entertainment and gastronomy are great. In close proximity to the city there is easy access to leisure activities in green areas, forests and beaches. Inspiration for things do experience in and around Copenhagen can be found here: http://www.visitcopenhagen.com/copenhagen-tourist If you require additional information about the position, you are welcome to contact Morten LÝve Jepsen, Team Leader, Hearing Loss Compensation, at +45 4435 5600. E-mail: moje@xxxxxxxx Please submit your application as soon as possible, and by September 19th, 2014 at the latest. Please send your application to HR@xxxxxxxx Best wishes Morten LÝve Jepsen Widex A/S E-mail: moje@xxxxxxxx This email, inclusive of attachments, is intended for the person(s) stated above and contains information that may be confidential, privileged or otherwise exempt from disclosure. Unauthorized reading, disclosure, copying, distribution or use of this information may violate rights to proprietary information. If you are not an intended recipient, please return this email to the sender and delete your copy. Thank you.

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