Re: Equal loudness contour filter (Matthias Milczynski )

Subject: Re: Equal loudness contour filter
From:    Matthias Milczynski  <Matthias.Milczynski@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Wed, 19 Jan 2011 09:02:48 +0100

Check replaygain, they also provide some matlab code. As far as I know the "Group waveform normalize" function in adobe audition does a similar thing. MM On Wed, 2011-01-19 at 02:21 +0100, Imran Dhamani wrote: > Dear List, > Happy New Year to all. I am designing a test in which > there are pure-tones stringed together with each other in the range of > 100-500 Hz (15 logarithmic steps). The reference tone is always 100 Hz > and the variable tone is in the specified range. My main intention is > to assess the perception of the pattern/rhythm of these sequences > based on just the pitch/frequency cues but the difficulty that i have > is there are additional loudness cues involved as i am dealing with a > range of different frequencies. As i am designing this test for > children it will be very difficult for me to do a loudness balance > task to equalize loudness. I was wondering if there is a possibility > that i can use a equal loudness contour based filter to filter the > tones as to equalize the loudness. It will be a great help if i anyone > can share any information or if can get such a filter. > > Thanks in anticipation, > Regards, > Imran Dhamani > PhD. student > Macquarie University, > Australia. > > > $$$$$ monty@xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx >

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