Re: A/P, relative pitch, mel scale and laterality of the brain (Kevin Austin )

Subject: Re: A/P, relative pitch, mel scale and laterality of the brain
From:    Kevin Austin  <kevin.austin@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Tue, 8 Mar 2011 07:50:13 -0500

>From my reading it would appear that the mel scale is less of a 'scale' [an object], than it is of 'scaling', [a process or function], which might place this in the right hemisphere. Is there work on a lateral preference (or difference) for the mel 'scale'? Are people with A/P able to 'hear' the mel scaling? Kevin On 2011, Mar 8, at 12:36 AM, Pierre Divenyi wrote: > The mel scale is a fictional approximation of Greenwood's well-thought-out and meticulously researched formula. It's hemispheric location may be debated after reaching an agreement that it exists. > > -Pierre > > > On 3/7/11 7:51 PM, "Kevin Austin" <kevin.austin@xxxxxxxx> wrote: > >> Oversimplified, in The Master and his Emissary >> >> >> >> >> I think Iain McGilchrist attributes 'absolute' [object] perceptions to the left hemisphere, and 'relative' [relational / process] perceptions to the right hemisphere. >> >> Would this indicate that those with absolute pitch process pitch in the left hemisphere and those with relative pitch process pitch in the right hemisphere? >> >> If this is the case, in which hemisphere will the mel scale be processed? >> >> Thanks for your thoughts / knowledge / ideas on this. >> >> Kevin

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