Applications invited for PhD program and postdocs in cognition and robotics (with ASIMO!) (=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Ingo_L=FCtkebohle?= )

Subject: Applications invited for PhD program and postdocs in cognition and robotics (with ASIMO!)
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Date:    Thu, 8 Nov 2007 20:58:02 +0100

Dear All, the Institute for Cognition and Robotics (CoR-Lab) at Bielefeld University, Germany, is seeking applications for PhD and postdoc positions. The application date for this round is the 30th of November, 2007. The CoR-Lab has been established as a research centre working in the field of intelligent systems and human-machine interaction. It forms a strategic partnership between Bielefeld University and the Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH, Germany. It will pursue fundamental research in the field of cognitive robots and intelligent systems, with the Honda humanoid robot ASIMO as one of the most advanced technological platforms available today. With regard to the themes discussed on this list, I would like to emphasize that speech understanding, auditory analysis, multi-/cross-modal interaction and sonification have already been firmly established as active areas of research at Bielefeld and we intend to build upon this strength in the CoR-Lab. Bielefeld University has also recently been awarded an excellence cluster in "Cognitive Interaction Technology", which includes the departments for psychology and psycholinguistics. Close collaboration between these two areas is expected For more information and application information, please refer to Best Regards, -- Dipl.-Inform. Ingo Lütkebohle Faculty of Technology Bielefeld University Fingerprint 3187 4DEC 47E6 1B1E 6F4F 57D4 CD90 C164 34AD CE5B

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