Re: Robust method of fundamental frequency estimation. (Yi-Wen Liu )

Subject: Re: Robust method of fundamental frequency estimation.
From:    Yi-Wen Liu  <jacobliu@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Wed, 31 Jan 2007 15:10:45 -0600

Dear list, Just want to draw your attention to a good summary on various auto-correlation based pitch determination methods, Arturo Camacho and John G. Harris, "A biological inspired pitch determination algorithm", Fourth Joint Meeting of ASA and ASJ, Honolulu, Nov. 2006. Contact arturo@xxxxxxxx if interested. Best regards, Yi-Wen On 1/31/07, Roisin Loughran <roisinaud@xxxxxxxx> wrote: > > Dear list, > > I was wondering if any of you know the most robust way to calculate the > fundamental frequency of a note across the range of a variety of > instruments? > > I'm currently working on a matlab program and have tried using the > auto-correlation method and the cepstrum method but have found that these > both have difficulty in calculating f0 of timbre-rich tones such as those > from a piano - particularly in the lower pitch ranges. Does anyone know of a > method that is more reliable in these regions or is it necessary that I > investigate such complex tones by a different means? From examining a number > of the FFTs from these signals it is tempting to just pick the first > strongest partial - the complex overtones just seem to confuse the more > complicated algorithms, but I realise that this is hardly a reliable > approach. > > Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated, > Thanks in advance, > > Roisin Loughran > > ________________________________ > New Yahoo! Mail is the ultimate force in competitive emailing. Find out more > at the Yahoo! Mail Championships. Plus: play games and win prizes.

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