Re: Loudness Calculation (Ju-Lee Hong )

Subject: Re: Loudness Calculation
From:    Ju-Lee Hong  <jl.hong@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Tue, 9 Oct 2007 00:37:59 +0100

Hi Udaynag, Try the Sonic Visualiser developed by the C4DM, Queen Mary, University of London. together with the Mazurka plug-ins developed by the CHARM, Royal Holloway, University of London. Once the Sonic Visualiser is run on your computer, try the smoothed power output from the PowerCurve plug-in (amongst the Mazurka plug-ins) for the loudness measurement and see how it works for you. It works pretty well for measuring loudness in recorded instrumental chamber music (e.g. piano solo, cello & piano duo etc), but I don't know whether it has been tested for calculating loudness in speech signals. Cheers, Ju-Lee -- Ju-Lee Hong (PhD student) Department of Music Goldsmiths, University of London email: jl.hong@xxxxxxxx On Mon, October 8, 2007 10:52 pm, Udaynag Pisipati said: > Hi all, > > > I need to do some loudness measurements on speech signals recorded > from a live mobile conversation. Thanks to the loudness code posted > by Aaron Hastings, from which I could do the loudness evalauation. > But, I am a > beginner in psychoacoustics and I am not able to intrepret the > results or the graphs obatined from the loudness model, especially > with very few references I have for loudness evaluation. The code is > implemented using Zwickers ISO532B loudness model. If anybody out > there could point me to some references , that would really help me. > The posting from Aaron Hastings > referes to the Journal of Acoustical Society of Japan (E), 12, 1 > 1991 and it > would be great if somebody could point me where I could find that > paper. > > Thanks in advance. > > > Udaynag > >

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