Re: STATO-ACOUSTIC ORGAN and cochlea (Jose Ignacio Alcantara )

Subject: Re: STATO-ACOUSTIC ORGAN and cochlea
From:    Jose Ignacio Alcantara  <jia10@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Mon, 8 Oct 2007 16:53:29 +0100

You might find GA Manley's book on "Peripheral Hearing Mechanisms in Reptiles and Birds" (ISBN 3-540-50350-1) of some use in clarifying this matter; the introduction has a short section on the lateral line organ in fish, and its relationship to other vertebrates. Jose --On Monday, October 8, 2007 17:44 +0200 Martin Braun <nombraun@xxxxxxxx> wrote: > Kevin Austin asked: > >> Is the term "lateral organ' an oversimplification of a multi-dimensional >> process for the transduction of vibration / pressure waves / positional >> information? > > It is called lateral line organ. The ciliae of this organ do the same as > ciliae in the inner ear, and the same as the insect antennae: detection > of pressure gradients. > >> Could someone point me to an article that would answer my question; Is >> the cochlea the evolutionary end of the lateral organ? > > Not "the evolutionary end", but ***one*** evolutionary continuation. > > You find this described in the evolution chapter(s) in text books of > hearing. > > Martin > > --------------------------------------------------------------------- > Martin Braun > Neuroscience of Music > S-671 95 Klässbol > Sweden > web site: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ José Ignacio Alcántara, M.A., Ph.D. University Lecturer Department of Experimental Psychology University of Cambridge Downing Street Cambridge CB2 3EB Fellow and Tutor, Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Biological) Fitzwilliam College Storeys Way Cambridge CB3 0DG Phone: 44 (0)1223 764412 (Department) 44 (0)1223 477170 (College) Fax: 44 (0)1223 333564 Web: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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