bite bar and bone conduction (Christian Kaernbach )

Subject: bite bar and bone conduction
From:    Christian Kaernbach  <auditorymail@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Thu, 13 Sep 2007 22:25:43 +0200

Dear List, We plan to do experiments involving bite bars and bone conduction. We could use normal bone conduction transducers strapped to the mastoid but it might be compelling to apply the sound via the bite bar. Has anybody experience with sound application through bite bars? I have found in the internet that potential users of BAHA (bone anchored hearing aids) are encouraged to test the effect of bone conduction sound via bite bars. It could be that bite bar sound transmission will be variable depending on bite pressure. We will use bite bars with dental impressions. Hopefully these will ensure a good contact so that sound transmission should not depend too much on bite pressure. A five-dB variability would be acceptable. ... And what about the sound transmission to the table? Can it be ignored? Would mounting the bite bar to the table make it more difficult to apply sounds via the bite bar? Thanks in advance, Christian -- Prof. Dr. Christian Kaernbach Allgemeine Psychologie Institut für Psychologie Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel Olshausenstr. 62 D-24098 Kiel Germany

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