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Subject: Re: Fwd: Conductance and susceptance
From:    Navid Shahnaz  <nshahnaz@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Fri, 5 Jan 2007 01:10:50 -0800

An excellent review of the physical background of multifrequency tympanometry has been posted by Joachim Gruber at It has all the equations for Bm and Bc. You may also find detailed info on the relationship of B to mass and stifffness in Van Camp, K.J., Margolis, R.H., Wilson, R.H., Creten, W., and Shanks, J.E. Principles of Tympanometry. ASHA Monograph, #24, 1986. Best Navid Navid Shahnaz, Ph.D Assistant Professor School of Audiology & Speech Sciences Faculty of Medicine 5804 Fairview Ave. Vancouver, B.C. V6t 1Z3 Canada Tel. 604-822-5953 Fax. 604-822-6569 E-mail: nshahnaz@xxxxxxxx Website: ---------- Original Message ---------------------------------- From: megha jp <meghajp11@xxxxxxxx> Reply-To: megha jp <meghajp11@xxxxxxxx> Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2007 07:04:57 +0000 > > >Note: forwarded message attached. > Send free SMS to your Friends on Mobile from your Yahoo! Messenger. Download Now! > ________________________________________________________________ Sent via the WebMail system at

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