From Bill Yost-Textbook Section Editor Needed (William Yost )

Subject: From Bill Yost-Textbook Section Editor Needed
From:    William Yost  <WYOST@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Mon, 7 May 2007 08:13:52 -0500

Bruce Goldstein, author of the much-used Sensationa and Perception textbook, asked me to post this: WRITER NEEDED TO HELP REVISE ESTABLISHED SENSATION AND PERCEPTION TEXTBOOK I am looking for a person who would be interested in revising the hearing and speech perception chapters of my textbook Sensation and Perception. The revised chapters would appear in the 8th edition of the book. The ideal person for this project would have the following characteristics: * Young or mid-level faculty with tenure * Strong knowledge of the research literature * Excellent undergraduate teacher * Teaches undergraduate sensation and perception * Interested in textbook writing * Ability to write interesting, concise prose for undergraduates * Ability to translate complex concepts into clear, meaningful descriptions * Ability to meet deadlines * Familiar with current or earlier editions of my sensation and perception text If you are such a person, or know of such a person, please contact me at bruceg@xxxxxxxx Thank you, Bruce Goldstein Departments of Psychology University of Pittsburgh & University of Arizon William A. Yost, PhD Professor of Psychology Parmly Hearing Institute Loyola University Chicago 6525 N. Sheridan Rd. Chicago, IL 60201 Office: 773-508-2713 Fax: 773-508-2719 wyost@xxxxxxxx

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