Re: Robust method of fundamental frequency estimation (Matt Flax )

Subject: Re: Robust method of fundamental frequency estimation
From:    Matt Flax  <flatmax@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Fri, 2 Feb 2007 15:10:17 +1100

I guess this topic and thread is now starting to cross between : a] Mathematical techniques of estimating fundamental frequency b] Perception of fundamental frequency and salience c] Psychoacoustic abstraction of experimental evidence for fundamental frequency salience d] Physiological mechanisms of hearing the fundamental frequency and salience. Locked away in the physical inner ear is the truly amazing property for the perception of a fundamental frequency ... even when it is not present ! I draw attention again to the afferent/efferent non-linear cross-over : You will require to run it out of the box. This previous model needs to be updated with a delay and filter between the periphery and the CNS, but that is not too difficult ... reviewed in a lumped model here : Salience and fundamental frequency generation must all be a part of the same circuit and machinery. Neither a mathematical ACF approach, nor a different psychoacoustical model will have the simplicity of a correct physiological model. As my supervisor once said ... an accurate lumped model will describe at least 70% of the auditory features we perceive... in my opinion, I also agree ... and what a model it will be once we all create it ! Matt -- Public Projects :

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