Re: onset detection (Nick Collins )

Subject: Re: onset detection
From:    Nick Collins  <nc272@xxxxxxxx>
Date:    Wed, 26 Dec 2007 19:06:50 +0000

Hi Andy, You'll probably want to look into the large literature on onset detection algorithms, perhaps starting from the MIREX competitions? I've linked the most recent here: Onset detection based on overall energy change over 100 msec blocks is not necessarily a very general strategy. Further, p-centre is potentially a rather complicated phenomena with a further literature and not to be confounded with physical onset detection. Not sure you'll find a simple relation between perceptual and physical onset based on a simple single band energy change detection function, especially over a variety of timbres. best, Nick --On 26 December 2007 11:31:05 -0600 robert gjerdingen <r-gjerdingen@xxxxxxxx> wrote: > On Dec 25, 2007, at 5:57 AM, Andrew McGuiness wrote: > >> First, the script looks for negative slope in the energy curve of >> the sound, with energy calculate by averaging 100 millisecond >> blocks, to eliminate very local fluctuations. If the sound file is >> recorded clean, with no spill, this works well to identify the >> general area of the onset. >> >

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