professorships in acoustics (Wolfgang Ellermeier )

Subject: professorships in acoustics
From:    Wolfgang Ellermeier  <we(at)ACOUSTICS.DK>
Date:    Fri, 14 Feb 2003 16:40:37 +0100

Dear colleagues, I am happy to tell you that we have a number of positions of: ASSOCIATE AND ASSISTANT PROFESSORS IN ACOUSTICS to announce. Below, I am including the text of the advertisement. Please, inspect the prettier version on the web at: Sincerely, Wolfgang Ellermeier ___________________________________________________________ Wolfgang Ellermeier e-mail: we(at) phone: +45 9635 8713 FAX: +45 9815 2144 Forskningsprofessor Research Professor Afdeling for Akustik Departm. of Acoustics Aalborg Universitet Aalborg University Fredrik Bajersvej 7 B5 Fredrik Bajersvej 7 B5 DK-9220 Aalborg Ø DK-9220 Aalborg O Danmark Denmark _____________________________________________________________ ASSOCIATE AND ASSISTANT PROFESSORS IN ACOUSTICS Applications are invited for a number of positions at the level of Associate Professor (position number 40850) and at the level of Assistant Professor (position number 200218) at the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Institute of Electronic Systems, Department of Acoustics and Sound Quality Research Unit, available from May 1, 2003 or soon after. Research areas will be within the present activities of the Department of Acoustics which focus on 1) human sound perception, including perception of direction and distance, hearing thresholds, perception of loudness and audiometric measurements 2) effects of noise on human beings, e.g. hearing damages and annoyance, 3) recording and reproduction techniques with special emphasis on binaural technique, 4) sound quality, incl. principles of evaluating product sound and the fidelity of reproduced sound, 5) computer generation of authentic sound corresponding to fictive acoustic surroundings, e.g. used for interactive virtual reality systems. Psychometry, acoustical measurement technique, electronics and signal processing form an integral part of the research. Teaching will primarily be in the study program for Master of Science in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Signal Processing with specialization in Acoustics, and Bachelor of Science in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, but may also be in other study programmes at the University. Much of the teaching is done in English. Research activities for some positions are allocated to a research programme on ‘Sound Quality’ jointly financed by the university, three Danish acoustics industrial partners and government funds. The research will be within the areas of sound quality evaluation, identification of relevant auditory attributes, instrumental measurement of their acoustical correlates, as well as applications to product sound, sound design, and high quality audio systems. Research activities for the others are allocated to a frame programme under STVF (The Danish Technical Research Council): ‘Research in human sound perception – with special reference to electro acoustic applications’. The research will be within one of the following areas: risk of hearing damage, audiometric measurements and equipment calibration, annoyance from noise in general and from low frequency noise specifically, characteristics of head-related transfer functions and their significance in localization. Appointment to Assistant Professor (available for a 3-year period) presupposes scientific qualifications at ph.d. –level or similar scientific qualifications. The research potential of each applicant will be emphasized in the overall assessment. The level of qualification for Associate Professors (some with a time limit of 4 years) shall correspond to the level, which can be achieved on the basis of the appointment as Assistant Professor, but may be achievable in other ways. The appointment presupposes that the applicant can demonstrate original scientific production at an international level as well as documented teaching qualifications. Appointment to the position requires that both research and teaching qualifications are at the requested level. The two qualifications will be given equal and principal priority in the overall assessment. The Ministerial Circular on Job Structure valid for academic staff working with research and teaching at universities under the Ministry of Research can be seen on: For further information please contact: For general information please see the departments home page: or contact: Head of Department: Sofus Birkedal Nielsen tel. +45?9635?8706 E-mail: sbn(at) For research in 'Sound Quality', please contact: professor Wolfgang Ellermeier tel. +45 9635 8713 E-mail: we(at) For 'Research in human sound perception', please contact: professor Henrik Møller tel +45?9635?8711 E-mail: hm(at) Terms of appointment and payment are in accordance with the agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of professional Associations (AC) on Academics in the State. The application must include documentation for: - Education - Research qualifications. List of publications with indication of which works the applicant consider particularly relevant must be enclosed. - Teaching qualifications. Furthermore information on personal data and previous employment is also required. An Assessment Committee will assess all candidates. Application marked with position number(s) and research area(s), including CV, diploma, particularly relevant publications, other documentation as well as a complete list of the enclosed documentation, all in triplicate must arrive at Aalborg University with the morning post by March 14, 2003. Application is to be forwarded to: Aalborg University Faculty of Engineering and Science Fredrik Bajers Vej 7F DK-9220 Aalborg East

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