Re: Ultrasound playback setup (David Mountain )

Subject: Re: Ultrasound playback setup
From:    David Mountain  <dcm(at)BU.EDU>
Date:    Mon, 10 Feb 2003 11:04:20 -0500

For multiple channel ultrasonic signal generation, high speed 16-bit analog output boards like the National Instruments NI 6731 or 6733 are probably the best bet. In general, we've had good success in a variety of applications by using standard data acquisition boards controlled from MATLAB scripts. -------------------------------------------------------------------- David C. Mountain, Ph.D. Professor of Biomedical Engineering Boston University 44 Cummington St. Boston, MA 02215 Email: dcm(at) Website: Phone: (617) 353-4343 FAX: (617) 353-6766 Office: ERB 413

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